Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

A WordPress plugin that makes generating XML Sitemaps for your WordPress site a breeze. This plugin comes with support for sitemap index, multisite WordPress and Google News sitemap. It also provides a powerful and flexible system for any customization need.

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Installation via Composer

This plugin can be installed via composer, by running:

composer require bwp/google-xml-sitemaps

By default, composer will install the plugin to wp-content/plugins.


Apart from composer, you will need npm and bower for development.

To run test, issue the following command:

npm test

To build the plugin in a development environment, issue:

npm run build

To build a production-ready plugin, issue:

npm run build:dist

A dist folder will be created with a version that can be used as a regular plugin on

Note that certain files and directories are not needed in production environment, such as configuration files, tests, node modules, and bower components, so they should be removed before updating the plugin's svn repository.

A .svnignore file is provided for this reason, and it can be used with existing tools out there (such as rsync) to remove the above mentioned files.


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Global ( \ )
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